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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jed Kirby Reports in from the Little Rock Victory Party

Tampa's Jed Kirby Reports in from his time with Gov. Mike Huckabee at the Little Rock Super Tuesday Victory party:

I am sure that most of you watched the Super Tuesday returns last night, and what a night it was for Governor Huckabee. Katie and I were blessed to be there with him and his family. There is no doubt that prayer was the reason behind these victories.

Governor Huckabee asked us to thank all of you for your prayers and your financial support. This campaign does not have the celebrity name of John McCain or the money of Mitt Romney, but what he does have is the hand of the Lord on him. After seeing the insides of this campaign and having the opportunity to ge to know Governor Huckabee, it is very obvisous that the Lord is doing mighty things to and through him.

None of us know how this election will turn out, whether he become President, Vice President, or even a future candidate for President. But what we do know is that last night he was a heavy underdog, and was written off my all the media, and trailed in all the polls, but in his pocket was not money but 5 smooth stones.

The so called Giants were defeated in the South. This is important because Huckabee won all the states that are crucial to a victory in a general election. John McCain won most of the states that the Republican party will never win in a general election....for more please read this blog:


Thank you all for all your prayers, and let's continue to pray that the Lord brings us a leader that will protect our values that are so instrumental in our lives of faith.

Jed and Katie