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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Huckabee calls Florida "very important part of our overall strategy"

We are fortunate to present Gov. Mike Huckabee’s personal Memorial Weekend interview with the “Florida for Huckabee” Blog. Read on to hear the governor’s enthusiasm about his campaign in Florida and his thoughts on Presidency IV – a two-day, mini-convention planned for October 20-21, 2007 in Orlando and sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida. The event will showcase all participating Presidential Candidates and culminate in a live, nationwide debate broadcast on Fox News. CLICK HERE for more information about Presidency IV.

Florida for Huckabee: Gov. Huckabee, what effect do you see Florida’s earlier primary having on the presidential election process?

Gov. Mike Huckabee: Personally, it means I get to spend more time in the Sunshine State, which I always enjoy. As the first big state to vote, Florida will inevitably play a significant role. I think it makes the candidates already inclined to downplay Iowa and New Hampshire, because of the February 5 Super Primary, even more likely to do so. They think their money can buy them a "Get Out of Retail Politics Free" card. But I'm convinced that if a candidate with the right message for Floridians also does well in Iowa and New Hampshire, he will have a powerful momentum coming into Florida that will trump the money others may spend here. If we see consistent results in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Florida, I think it supports the view that the Super Primary will finish it off. If the waters are muddy after Iowa, New Hampshire, and Florida, the Super Primary may not be decisive.

Florida for Huckabee: How does your campaign plan to leverage Florida in your overall strategy for victory?

Gov. Mike Huckabee: I expect to do very well in Iowa and New Hampshire and ride that momentum into Florida. Then I expect to do really well here and, having shown strength in a big state, carry that into the Super Primary. So Florida will be a very important part of our overall strategy. As an authentic, consistent conservative with executive experience, I have a message that resonates with Florida's Republicans. We need to take our party back to basics to move our country forward -- and that means strengthening our military; restoring faith in government; making government smaller and more efficient; reducing and reforming taxes; and pursuing policies that are family friendly. My impeccable record on the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, Second Amendment rights, and our friends in Israel gives Floridians confidence that I'm the leader they can trust and count on - what I'm telling them today is what I was saying five, ten, fifteen years ago. My crisis management experience rescuing 75,000 Katrina victims gives Floridians comfort that I'll be there for them when the hurricanes come, and I'll have an absolutely first-rate FEMA director, who will be a Cabinet-level official reporting directly to me.

Florida for Huckabee: What is your opinion of Presidency IV sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida and scheduled for Oct. 20-21, 2007? Do you plan to participate and how can your supporters in Florida get involved?

Gov. Mike Huckabee: I think Presidency IV will be a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make some new ones, and I'm looking forward to debating in Florida. So, yes, I absolutely plan to participate. My supporters can get involved by applying to attend Presidency IV as "ambassadors" from their county. They need to apply by noon on June 15 either online at www.rpof.org, or by fax to 850-681-0184, or by mail to the Republican Party of Florida, 420 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Y'all come!

Thank you Governor Huckabee for sharing your time and vision with “Florida for Huckabee”! We appreciate your leadership and please keep up the great work!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Huckabee has "real shot to be the sleeper Republican contender"

A great article by Adam Smith in the St. Petersburg Times came out today...further evidence that Mike Huckabee is turning heads in Florida.

For the Full Story CLICK HERE. Read below for the highlights:

"[Former S.C. Gov.] Beasley last weekend threw his potent endorsement to Huckabee, feeding the growing buzz that this Baptist preacher turned reform-minded governor has a real shot to be the sleeper Republican contender of 2008"

"To see those debates, or to see Huckabee mesmerize a living room or sprawling banquet hall of undecided Republicans, or hold his own against the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on TV, one can't help wonder about all the pining among staunch conservatives for actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. A proven conservative - and strong communicator - is already in the race, and this guy's actually been an executive, instead of actor playing one."

"Indeed, a Republican who in his last election won more than 40 percent the African-American vote ought to make Democrats very nervous. Politicians from Hope, Ark., have been underestimated before."

"I thought this is exactly the type of leader this country needs, and also the perfect type of candidate to run in New Hampshire, " [Deb Vanderbeek] recounted. "He says it best, but he really is a conservative who's not angry about it. He's genuine, he's not performing on a stage, and people like that."

"I really believe Mike Huckabee is going to fare very well. If he gets into the top three in [the August Iowa] straw poll, I really believe he will win the Iowa caucuses, " said former Iowa gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats.

"Winning the nomination requires a lot to go right for Huckabee and wrong for the leading candidates, but given his strengths it's certainly conceivable. Then comes the general election where Democrats would have to face an engaging and impossible maverick who has expanded access to health care, raised the minimum wage and won over traditional Democratic constituencies."

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Florida moves up its Presidential Primary

Gov. Huckabee’s appearance in Orlando last weekend took on all the more importance on Monday when Florida Gov. Crist signed into law a bill that moves Florida’s Presidential Primary from March to January 29th. This earlier primary will now require all the candidates for President to spend more time campaigning in the Sunshine State.

Although Gov. Huckabee’s strategy will most likely continue to include a laser focus on Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, we do hope to see him in Florida as much as possible. Here is some of the coverage of Florida’s earlier primary:

Florida bypasses other states to move up 2008 primary
The move puts Florida's primary, which had been scheduled for March, behind only the Iowa and Nevada caucuses and the New Hampshire primary and on the same day as South Carolina's Democratic primary. Florida has by far the largest population of any of the early voting states set for January and is the most expensive in which to campaign, giving well-funded candidates an even greater advantage and possibly drawing attention away from the smaller states.

State's '08 primary to be one of earliest
By moving Florida's 2008 presidential primary from its traditional March date to Jan. 29, the new law attempts to give the state more clout. The national Democratic and Republican parties have threatened to take away national convention delegates from Florida for setting a primary before Feb. 5. But Democrats and Republicans at Monday's bill-signing said the earlier date makes Florida a player in the presidential sweepstakes. "It will make our state much more relevant," said Jim Greer, chairman of the state Republican Party. "The loss of delegates is unfortunate, but it doesn't outweigh the benefit that Floridians will receive. ... Florida's always let other states dominate the process. This moves us forward."

Primary jumps to head of pack
The 2008 presidential calendar through Feb. 5:
• JAN. 14: Iowa caucus
• JAN. 22: New Hampshire primary
• JAN. 19: Nevada caucus
• JAN. 29: Florida primary, South Carolina primary (Democrats only)
• FEB. 5: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah primaries; Idaho and New Mexico caucuses (Democrats only)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Huckabee wins over Florida Social Conservatives

Saturday night, May 19th, Gov. Mike Huckabee made a keynote appearance in Orlando Florida before a crowd of close to 700 social conservative leaders and activists. Speaking before the Florida Family Policy Council’s Annual Policy Awards Dinner, Huckabee hit on several core issues important to the “value voters” that make up much of the base of the Republican Party.

Huckabee’s vision, leadership, experience and humor won over many new supporters Saturday evening in the important state of Florida. He shared the evening with another presidential candidate, Sen. Sam Brownback.

“If either of the two stood out for the crowd, it may have been Huckabee, a former Southern Baptist pastor.”
Tampa Tribune – May 20, 2007 Click for Full Story…

Further coverage of Huckabee’s Florida appearance this past weekend:

Brownback, Huckabee Seek Social Conservative Support
Associate Press
May 19, 2007

GOP Confident people’s core beliefs will keep them faithful to party
Tallahassee Democrat
May 21, 2007

Advice for Florida’s Right: ‘Don’t Give Up’
Miami Herald
May 20, 2007