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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Florida May Host Earlier Presidential Primary in 2008

Florida is likely to play an even larger role in choosing the next president. The following article ran in the Gainesville Sun:

Florida's new political leaders are ready to move up the state's presidential primary, a tack that would roil the 2008 campaign and grant even more bragging rights to the nation's biggest battleground state.

Currently, the presidential nominees are a foregone conclusion by the time Florida's March primary rolls around. For decades, small states like Iowa and New Hampshire have hosted the make-it-or-break-it votes in January.

House Speaker Marco Rubio of Miami says a state as big and diverse as Florida should have its say immediately afterward.

"From immigration to agriculture to Israel, virtually every issue the next leader of the free world is going to be asked about will be asked in Florida," Rubio said. "Florida is the largest and most relevant state that has no voice in the electoral

"Senate President Ken Pruitt and Gov.-elect Charlie Crist agree that Florida should wield more influence during the primary season, and legislators could begin crafting a bill as soon as next month. An earlier 2008 primary would lure presidential contenders - and their money - to Florida much sooner and more frequently than in past elections.

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