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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Huckabee has "real shot to be the sleeper Republican contender"

A great article by Adam Smith in the St. Petersburg Times came out today...further evidence that Mike Huckabee is turning heads in Florida.

For the Full Story CLICK HERE. Read below for the highlights:

"[Former S.C. Gov.] Beasley last weekend threw his potent endorsement to Huckabee, feeding the growing buzz that this Baptist preacher turned reform-minded governor has a real shot to be the sleeper Republican contender of 2008"

"To see those debates, or to see Huckabee mesmerize a living room or sprawling banquet hall of undecided Republicans, or hold his own against the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on TV, one can't help wonder about all the pining among staunch conservatives for actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. A proven conservative - and strong communicator - is already in the race, and this guy's actually been an executive, instead of actor playing one."

"Indeed, a Republican who in his last election won more than 40 percent the African-American vote ought to make Democrats very nervous. Politicians from Hope, Ark., have been underestimated before."

"I thought this is exactly the type of leader this country needs, and also the perfect type of candidate to run in New Hampshire, " [Deb Vanderbeek] recounted. "He says it best, but he really is a conservative who's not angry about it. He's genuine, he's not performing on a stage, and people like that."

"I really believe Mike Huckabee is going to fare very well. If he gets into the top three in [the August Iowa] straw poll, I really believe he will win the Iowa caucuses, " said former Iowa gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats.

"Winning the nomination requires a lot to go right for Huckabee and wrong for the leading candidates, but given his strengths it's certainly conceivable. Then comes the general election where Democrats would have to face an engaging and impossible maverick who has expanded access to health care, raised the minimum wage and won over traditional Democratic constituencies."

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