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Monday, September 17, 2007

Live Blogging - Value Voters debate

Mike Huckabee won the straw poll from delegate votes at the Value Voter debate with 63% of the vote! During the post-debate commentary Christian leaders are announcing that they have found their candidate in Mike Huckabee.

OK, the red-green light thing was a little cheesy, but it was refreshing to have so many "real people" ask questions of the candidates. There was probably more than 20 average citizens and grassroots leaders asking questions. I guess the "Missing Four" must feel more comfortable with Chris Matthews and Wolf Blittzer than average Americans.

Thompson was hit on his flip flop duplicity on the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Romney was hit on his former support for gay rights and abortion.

McCain was hit on his trademark legislation (McCain-Feingold) which restricted the rights and freedom of citizens and grassroots organizations to petition the government.

Wow, a young lady just spoke who had survived an abortion attempt on her life. She was saved by some nuns and adopted by loving parents. She asked the absent Rudy Giuliani if he is still pro-choice knowing that his position would have led to her death. The silence from the empty podium (where Rudy should have been) was deafening.

Yes, the "Missing Four" (Romney, Rudy, Fred and McCain) would not have known what to do with this up or down voting technique. These are questions about right and wrong (hate crimes, slavary in the Sudan, abstinence education, religious freedom, national debt, etc.) The media is picking up on the fact that the "Missing Four" are MIA on social conservative issues.

This Red-Green Light session is really boring. They hear a question and then simply turn on a Green light if they answer yes and a Red light for no. Answers having been almost unanimous except for a question on amnesty and a guest-worker program. Only Sen. Brownback answered that some form of a guest worker program would be needed.

I think Alan Keyes joined the race because he did not think Ron Paul was contributing enough hollering to the presidential debates.

Gov. Huckabee greeted a question from Phyllis Schlafly by thanking her for writing “It’s a Choice, Not an Echo” – giving her book and influence credit for leading him to become a Republican many years ago.

Gov. Huckabee has excelled so far as the only 1st tier candidate to show up at the Value Voters Debate. He led off with his trademark humor…musing on how different tonight’s debate has started…with prayer. He could not image that Chris Matthew’s opening a debate with prayer.

He gave solid, articulate answers to the first three questions on Marriage, Sanctity of Life and the War on Terror. Candidates are now each telling about their own faith experience.

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