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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Sharp Contrast" between Huckabee and Thompson

An interesting comparison of Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson was written up after both spoke at a Philadelphia convention of conservative lawmakers. An excerpt follows but CLICK HERE for the full story.

"Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee addressed a group of conservative lawmakers at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. And while both were received warmly, it was clear that Thompson - who has yet to declare his candidacy but is widely expected to do so soon - is still not in campaign mode.

"Thompson, the former U.S. senator from Tennessee and actor best known for his role on the hit show Law and Order, delivered a dry but measured critique of federalist ideals in today's government, decrying the centralization of power in Washington. It was a sharp contrast to the campaign-trail-honed speech delivered by Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor.

"Huckabee preached the need to restore hope in American's future, called for simplifying the tax code and improving the health care system and offered veiled criticism of President Bush's attempts at education reform."

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