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Monday, July 2, 2007

Gainesville Supporter: Why I Like Mike

A Mike Huckabee supporter from Gainesville, Florida recently made the following post on MySpace:

I support Mike Huckabee for several reasons.

First: Honesty - Most politicians are very talented with words. Mike is talented with word as well, but he does not use them to dance his way around issues. You ask him a direct question, you get a direct answer. Honesty is something that is RARE in politics today. There is no song and dance... just Mike!

Second: Integrity - Mike can align himself with all issues and/or views without sacrificing the integrity of who he is. He believes what he says, and does not slide to one side from another.

Third: Morality - I believe Mike to be a truly good person. He has wonderful moral standards, and lives by them.

Fourth: Fair Tax - This is a strong point for me. I like the fact that Mike is not afraid to be the ONLY candidate to admit tax reform is imperative to our countries further development. You can only patch so many holes in a structure before it becomes weak and fails causing a catastrophe. When you see something broken you have to fix it. We have to start with the fair tax. If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.

Finally, Mike is a different kind of politician. He is not afraid to be honest. I would think every American would want honesty in a President. I pray for you Mike. You have 110% of my support.

Wester H. Gainesville, FL

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