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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Social Conservatives Now Clearly Split between Huckabee and Romney

In a nail biter out of DC, the onsite participants and online voters in the Washington Briefing voted for Huckabee and Romney overwhelmingly in the straw poll. Gov. Romney captured 27.6% of the vote while Gov. Huckabee claimed 27.1% - a virtual tie.

Ron Paul came in a distant 3rd with 14.9% of the vote followed by Sen. Fred Thompson with only 9.8% and then Undecided with 5.7%. CLICK HERE for the full results.

This is really bad news for Fred Thompson.

Of possibly more significance, Gov. Huckabee won 51.3% of the votes from the people who were actually at the event and heard the candidates speak.

…Back here in Orlando, Mayor Giuliani just walked by me while I am sitting here blogging. He waved. I took out my Huckabee bumper sticker and set it so he can see it when he walks back by. :) Oh, and the good mayor received 1.8% from the value voters in that same Washington Briefing poll.

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