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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gov. Huckabee finishes 3rd in Orlando Hob Nob Straw Poll

Last night the Orlando Chamber of Commerce sponsored a straw poll event. Many Mike Huckabee supporters showed up. Here are the results of the straw poll:

Rudy Giuliani 20%

Mitt Romney 17%

Mike Huckabee 10%

Fred Thompson 9%

John McCain 6%

Ron Paul 5%

Duncan Hunter 1%

Tom Tancredo 0%

Michael Patterson, a volunteer in Orlando, coordinated the event for the Mike Huckabee supporters. “That is an incredible number when you consider that the campaign doesn't have staff in the state and hasn't advertised,” Michael said. “It gives us a solid foundation to work with. We received a lot of encouraging words.”

Way to go Michael and Team Orlando! Click here to see the full result.

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