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Friday, December 28, 2007

Huckabee Coverage in Florida this week

Romney and Huckabee supporters aren't scared by Giuliani
Sun Sentinel
December 28, 2007
Henry Bayard, the Broward volunteer coordinator for Mike Huckabee and former president of the Davie-Cooper City Republican Club, said he believes Huckabee will draw support beyond the conservative Christian bloc that likes the former Baptist minister. "He's got broad appeal. It's not just evangelicals," Bayard said. "I think he has a broad base of support down here and I think he's going to shock a lot of people when it comes to Florida.”
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Giuliani, Huckabee battle in Florida
Miami Herald
December 28, 2007
Huckabee has been closing in on Giuliani in Florida.
The Baptist minister has been gaining support from evangelical Christians concerned that Giuliani would be liberal on social issues, such as abortion, and uneasy about Romney's Mormon faith. Huckabee, who raised close to $400,000 after two days of fundraising in Florida, was in Orlando on Thursday after a fundraiser Monday in Miami.
Huckabee supporter Patsy Carpenter of Satellite Beach arrived at the Orlando Executive Airport send-off in a Honda with the message ''Faith, family, freedom'' inscribed neatly across the back windshield just above the candidate's e-mail address.
Carpenter, a retired first-grade teacher, married mother of two and grandmother of three, said she had never donated to a candidate before she made a small contribution to Huckabee.
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GOP presidential hopeful Huckabee rising in popularity
Palm Beach Post
December 27, 2007
Fundraisers in Miami, the Orlando area and Destin gleaned a much-needed $350,000, campaign aides said.
The tour of the state comes as the former Arkansas governor's poll numbers are rising, with some polls showing him in first place or tied for first among the crowded GOP field that includes Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.
"If we had as much money, as many consultants, as many employees, as many headquarters, as many focus groups, as many TV ads as some of these other guys, we would be as far behind them as they are behind us," Huckabee chided.
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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visits Orlando to raise cash, pick up endorsements
Orlando Sentinel
December 28, 2007
Huckabee's rapid rise in state and national polls has come at a time when challengers such as former Tennessee U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney have faltered.Romney lost at least one Lake County campaign co-chairman Thursday when former state Sen. Dick Langley tore a Romney sticker off his chest for the television cameras, replacing it with one for Huckabee."I wanted a candidate who stood where I stood on the issues," Langley said later. "And I couldn't figure out where Mitt stood."
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