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Monday, December 10, 2007

Speaker Marco Rubio Endorses Huckabee

Below is the full press release from the campaign. Here are links to news coverage of today’s endorsements from Speaker Rubio and Representative David Rivera.

Huck FL Nod – MSNBC
Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio added his name to endorsers jumping to support the Huckabee campaign.

NBC6.net South Florida: Florida House Speaker Backs Huckabee For President
The highest-ranking Cuban-American in state government made an endorsement in the presidential election on Monday. Florida's House Speaker Marco Rubio introduced former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as his pick for president.

Palm Beach Post: Rubio Endorses Huckabee
Rubio said he is backing Huckabee because of his sincerity and because of the former Arkansas governor's staunch anti-abortion stance. Rubio, a conservative Republican, is popular among Cuban Americans in South Florida whose stands include opposition to abortion and gay marriage as well as a hard-line approach to the Castro brothers Fidel and Raul regime in Cuba.

Miami Herald: Florida Speaker Rubio Endorses Huckabee
Coming one day after the Republican field participated in the first presidential debate on Spanish-language television, the endorsement was a coup for a candidate dismissed as an afterthought just two months ago.

Press Release from Campagin: Two Key Florida Endorsements Full text:

Miami, FL – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee announced two key Florida Hispanic endorsements during a news conference in Miami today: House Speaker Marco Rubio and State Rep. David Rivera.

The announcement follows on the heels of the endorsement by another prominent Florida legislator, state Majority Leader Daniel Webster, who voiced his support for the governor on November 28.

Speaker Rubio is Florida's first Cuban-American state House Speaker.

"I'm honored to have the support from Speaker Rubio because we share the same conservative values," Huckabee said. "Everyone running for president wanted his endorsement. I'm glad he chose to join our efforts to seek the Republican nomination.

Rubio began serving Florida's 111th House District in 2000 and has served as a City Commissioner from West Miami. He is a conservative Republican who shares Huckabee's views on pro-life and strong families.

"For those of us who consider ourselves to be Reagan conservatives, Mike Huckabee is our best chance to win the nomination," Speaker Rubio said. "People are looking for genuineness and sincerity in politics. He has those qualities as well as the positive leadership skills needed to run our country."

Huckabee also received an endorsement from State Rep. David Rivera who serves Florida's 112th district, which includes Miami and parts of Naples and Fort Lauderdale. Rivera is chairman of the state House Rules Committee and is former director of the Hispanic Outreach for the Republican Party of Florida.

"Representative Rivera is a great leader and role model for Cuban-American citizens in Florida," Huckabee said. "I'm proud to have the backing from such a respected member of the Florida House."

"Governor Huckabee understands the importance of freedom and democracy for all people throughout our hemisphere and our world," Rivera said. "He is deserving of the support of Cuban- Americans like myself because he has articulated the most pro-active and bold policy geared toward hastening the demise of the Castro regime and promoting the cause of freedom and democracy in Cuba."

Senator Daniel Webster, a Republican member of the Florida state Senate since 1999 who has served as Majority Leader since 2006, has also endorsed Huckabee. Webster, who previously served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives from 1981 to 1998, officially endorsed Huckabee earlier this year.

"I am honored to serve as co-chair for Governor Huckabee's Florida Presidential campaign. Governor Huckabee is a principled, conservative leader who has proven he has the leadership qualities to be the next president of the United States. As governor, he demonstrated the ability to tackle tough issues and find solutions. I intend to work diligently in the days and months ahead to ensure Governor Huckabee is elected as our nation's next President," said Webster.

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