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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Huckabee Opens Florida Offices

Orlando and Miami will be the locations for Mike Huckabee's first two campaign offices in Florida. Here is the report from the St. Pete Times Blog:

Mike Huckabee is getting some Florida digs.

The heretofore cash-starved Republican will open a statewide office in downtown Orlando and one in Miami, according to two of his top supporters, Sen. Dan Webster and Rep. David Rivera.

The Orlando office has not been selected but will house a state coordinator and marshal a swelling volunteer force. Rivera said the Miami shop, at 8th Street and 57th Avenue, is "picked out, cleaned out, ready to go."

They dismissed talk that Huckabee cannot harness his sudden popularity because of little organization in key states. "Think of where he's gotten without infrastructure," Webster said. "Some people do top down; he's done bottom up. And it's really the best way to do a campaign -- it's just nobody believed you could do it in a presidential race. He's going to have the people, he's going to have the staff and he's going to get the money."


Ken S said...

I think Floridians will focus on canidates after the holiday. I have been on Huck's side since 12/01/07. My wife and I have changed from no party to the Repblican Party to vote Mike Huckabee in the Florida Primary. We have both discussed about Mike Huckabee with favorable interest to people we know.
Ken S

les said...

When Mike thinks of opening a Tampa office, I'd like to be involved.
Dr. Leslie Robert Keylock
Vice president for academic
Evangelical University and
105 E Baker Street
Plant City, FL 33563
(But I live in New Tampa)

Briana Mahoney said...

We are looking forward to volunteering at the Orlando office! Keep up the good work!

Robert said...

If you want a Walton County program, I am ready to help. Long time FAIRTAX speaker willing to support the Huckabee campaign.

Robert Fullenkamp
Community Coordinator
Defuniak Springs, FL

Florida for Huckabee said...

Robert from Walton County...Thanks for the Comment and offer to help, but we have no way to contact you via email. Can you please email floridaforhuckabee@att.net and give your contact info? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mike has got to do a better job on the Debate Thursday in SC then in NH because the tax thing needs to be answered truthlfully otherwise voters will shy away like they did in NH.