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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Romney Supporter: ‘Huckabee…our strongest potential nominee’

This is a great read from Dean Barnett in The Weekly Standard today. Although Barnett admits to supporting Romney he says Huckabee “exudes decency” and “connects with people.” Here are some outtakes:

SO WHAT WOULD a Huckabee nomination mean for the Republican party? First, the good news. Huckabee, as we've all discovered, is quite good at seeking office. As a Romney guy, it pains me to say this, but Huckabee may well be our strongest potential nominee. All of the others have well documented weaknesses as wholesale and retail politicians. Huckabee doesn't.

What's more, Huckabee is the one Republican with a chance of having some crossover appeal to people who are traditionally unlikely to vote for Republicans. As the nominee, he would rebrand a party badly in need of rebranding.

Throughout this campaign, the media and the analysts have underestimated Huckabee. I should know--I've been a guilty of doing so myself. But the time for underestimating him is over.

Right now, the Huckabee campaign is in the best shape. All of the other campaigns would gladly trade places with Huckabee.

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