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Friday, January 11, 2008

FL Native Ken Connor: Bluebloods vs. the Base

Florida Native and former Florida gubernatorial candidate Ken Connor wrote an excellent piece describing what is now occurring within the Republican Party.

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They are the Republican elites, the bluebloods that fund political campaigns. They fashion for themselves quaint little names like "Rangers" and "Pioneers." Raising political capital is their new frontier. They invest in political campaigns as a cost of doing business and they expect a return on their investment. To spread the risk, they often put their money down on more than one candidate. And the returns are good—subsidies, tax breaks, limitations on liability when things go awry. Power is a wonderful way to leverage wealth! They are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. After all, one never knows when the right to abortion might come in handy. An unexpected pregnancy can be so inconvenient!

They expect people to know their place—and to stay in it. Place, after all, reflects one's station in life. It is, therefore, unsettling when one gets out of place.

That's why the candidacy of Mike Huckabee is so unsettling to them. A Baptist preacher who wants to sit at the head of the table! Can't he just pronounce the benediction? A graduate of Ouachita Baptist University—never heard of it. Where is he from? Arkansas? That's where the Ozarks are, right? They make moonshine there and those quaint little dolls with faces made of dried fruit. Governor, you say? Ah, but has he ever run a business? Wasn't Bill Clinton governor of Arkansas? Who is backing Huckabee? Home schoolers? Why would anyone want to teach their kids at home when there are perfectly lovely boarding schools available? Evangelicals? Those are the folks with the red necks and blue collars that carry big black Bibles, right? The ones that don't believe in evolution and want to take the nation back for Christ. They think the earth is flat and object to embryonic stem cell research? I thought so. Oh, they can be useful by winning elections for you, but they are soooo presumptuous! Who do they think they are? Give someone a seat at the table, and the next thing you know, they want to sit at the head of the table!

Here's the bad news for the bluebloods. The blue collars aren't going to go away. The base isn't going to the back of the bus. They've ridden back there for so long, their behinds are sore. They're mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more. They've found a champion in Mike Huckabee and they intend to fight. They've chafed long enough. For years, they watched as the Republican controlled Congress spent money like drunken sailors. They saw "earmarks" for the business elites elevated to an art form and rise to an all time high under Republican leadership. They watched as the party of family values became embroiled in scandals involving sex and money. They winced as the Republican led Congress gave away tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortionist in the business. And they became apoplectic when the business elites thwarted efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigration because the bluebloods wanted to maximize profits through the use of cheap immigrant labor at the expense of the American worker.

To borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton, Huckabee listened to them and found his own voice. And the base is responding to it.

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Richard said...

Excellent, Excellent article that tells it like it is for all of us who know how it is!!Well done Sir, Well done!!!!!!!pxcor

R. George Dunn said...

They are pulling out all the tricks. They are supporting any candidate that can cut into Governor Huckabee. These Blue Blood Shark are so entrenched, they will throw the Constitution overboard to protect their little corner of dirt.

Mike Huckabee is the President we have been waiting for such a long time! Don't be stirred by the largess of corporate supported adds.

The GOP put forth Romney as their anointed one. Now they are using McCain to slow down Governor Huckabee. Don't buy into it. McCAin's record has put him on the liberal side from stopping the appointment of Judges by President Bush to voting against tax cuts.

When Mike Huckabee sits down in the Oval Office, Washington will see the sun coming forth and a breath of Fresh Air blowing through. Truth will preside like never before!