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Monday, January 7, 2008

Florida Leaders Campaign in NH

Florida leaders like House Speaker Marco Rubio, State Representative David Rivera and State Senator Mike Haridopolos (all pictured here with Mike Huckabee) have been in New Hampshire campaigning for the governor.

Here is the story from the Miami Herald:

Mike Huckabee's staunchest Florida supporters believe his Iowa surprise was enough to catapult him to victory in Florida's Jan. 29 contest -- so much so that they spent a chilly Sunday hitting the pavement for the Baptist minister who has upended the Republican race for the presidency.

Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio, swaddled in a dark sweater and a thermal top, and his top lieutenant, state Rep. David Rivera, traded South Florida for southern New Hampshire, calling GOP voters from Huckabee's makeshift New Hampshire headquarters here and thrusting Florida oranges to passing motorists, urging them to vote for the former Arkansas governor.

''I came all the way from Florida to give you this orange and ask you to please consider Gov. Huckabee when you vote Tuesday,'' Rivera said to several startled drivers, as he darted across three lanes of traffic on North Main Street….

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Hey Huckabee supporters! Please take a minute to check this post out from the GA Republican. If you live in America and support Mike and the Fair Tax this is for you, especially those in SC. Thanks!

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