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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Florida's Pro-Family Leaders Endorse Huckabee

Thursday January 24, 2008


(Orlando, FL) Today, the Co-Chairmen of the Florida Huckabee Faith and Values Coalition, John Stemberger and Dr. David Uth, announced that a clear consensus has been reached among pro-family leadership in Florida and that Mike Huckabee is the candidate to back for social conservatives. This was further evidenced by rock solid conservative Congressman, and former presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter's endorsement of Governor Mike Huckabee yesterday.

Stemberger said, "A year ago, several leaders set out to build a consensus around who was the best candidate to stand for conservative, pro-life and pro-family values. While it has taken us a while to get here, we are proud to announce that a consensus has been reached not only around the country, but specifically here in Florida. For conservative pro-family voters, Huckabee is our man!" "I have known Governor Huckabee for 32 years and have found him to consistently represent the Biblical values that we can all hold dear." Said David Uth.

Florida's closed primary is a different ball game than in New Hampshire and South Carolina where independents and liberal democrats can cross over and vote for a candidate like John McCain. Social and religious conservatives comprise upwards of forty percent of the primary voters in Florida and Governor Huckabee can be very competitive and could win Florida as the consensus continues to build.

"One of the primary questions we have to ask is who can we trust to bring us home? Mike Huckabee is the answer." John Stemberger said. While hundreds of Florida pro-family advocates and pastors have endorsed Mike Huckabee, the following high profile leaders are announcing their joint endorsement today:

Art Ally
The Timothy Plan

Frank Attkisson
State Representative
Florida House

Bill Bunkley
Host of Drive Time
Salem Radio Network

Barbara Collier
Christian Coalition of
Broward County*

Ken Connor
Center for a Just Society*

John Grant
Florida Senate, Retired

Janet Folger

Terry Kemple
Community Issues Forum*

Tomas Lares
Council on Faith in Action (CONFIA)*

Pam Olson
Florida Prayer Network*

Rep. Marco Rubio
Speaker, Florida House of Representatives

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel*

John Stemberger
Florida Family Policy Council*

Stephen Strang
Strang Communications
Dr. David Uth
First Baptist Church of Orlando*
Senator Daniel Webster
Florida Senate

* For Identification Purposes Only

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Anonymous said...

It's about time!
Thank you, Pro-Family "Leaders!"