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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Florida Media: Where's Mike?

Wow, to hear and read the media today, you would think Gov. Mike Huckabee does not know where to find the state of Florida on a map. They are having a good time piling on Gov. Huckabee here, here, here, oh, and here and here.

Truth be told, Mike Huckabee is running a strong campaign in Florida, with grassroots volunteers active all across the state. Gov. Huckabee is running a nationwide, 50-state campaign because he understands that a President of the United States must represent every American…not just citizens in the “early states” or those in the “BIG states.”

CLICK HERE to see the energetic reception Gov. Huckabee received from Orlando supporters yesterday.
CLICK HERE to learn about the exciting Ft. Lauderdale Rally with Gov. Huckabee planned for tomorrow.
CLICK HERE to see a sample of the Meet-up activities going on around the state all week to boost the campaign.
CLICK HERE to read about Gov. Huckabee’s non-political speech to a thousand pastors in Orlando yesterday.

And that is not to mention the half dozen or so fund raiser events going on with Gov. Huckabee around the state this week. Nor does it include the opportunity for Gov. Huckabee to shine on Thursday with the debate from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton (that’s in Florida also…just in case the Florida media is still confused!)

5 things you can do this week to help Mike Huckabee win Florida:

1. Vote Early and take others with you. Early voting allows a strategic advantage for those who will go to the early voting locations and cast their vote this week so that next Tuesday on Primary Day, they can be freed up to help Gov. Huckabee in other ways. CLICK HERE to find early voting locations in your county.

2. Make phone calls as a campaign volunteer. Contact the state headquarters in Orlando at 407-438-9134 to find out how you can help in this effort to connect with Republican voters around the state.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor. You can write a 250-word-or-less letter explaining why you support Gov. Huckabee or highlighting one of his policy positions, like his strong stand against Islamic Terrorism, his promotion of the Fair Tax or his Secure America plan to deal with those entering our nation illegally.

4. Email all of your Florida contacts. A simple tool is available HERE on the main http://www.mikehuckabee.com/ site that allows you to send an email introducing Mike Huckabee and add a personal greeting to your friends.

5. Stand outside the required distance from Early Voting locations and wave signs in support of Mike Huckabee from now through Saturday, Jan. 26th.

And last but not least, CLICK HERE to read about Fred Thompson dropping out of the presidential race today.

On to a Florida victory on January 29th!


kirkland said...

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We want to bump up its ranking

tnhuck said...

We've posted the video Governor Huckabee's non-political speech to the one thousand pastors which you spoke of in this post: http://tnhuck.blogspot.com/2008/01/mike-huckabee-speech.html

Sherry said...

Are we going to let Romney “BUY” the nomination? It just seems so unfair to me that he should have that advantage. Please help Mike compete effectively by donating to his campaign fund here: (copy & paste)


I have already given $100. but will match the next contribution of $25. given to Ranger Donor Code R6119, so that will double your contribution!

Better yet, remember that our Government will soon be giving us at least $300 rebate so consider giving a % of that upfront.

Also all you Rangers out there please take advantage of the phonebank & respectfully call at least 5 Florida residents THIS WEEKEND.

And please remember to Pray, Pray, Pray for God’s will to be done.